Information Technology Compliance

To meet IT compliance obligations, many companies are looking for a structured approach that allows them to identify and prioritize IT controls and establish a compliance record system.

eInnosec focuses on security framework based structured approach as backbone of compliance. The proprietary methodology is designed using mix of frameworks to achieve compliance. To demonstrate IT compliance, firms must start by identifying how they document the compliance process and their IT control architecture. The overall compliance documentation architecture is implemented through a control framework. The policy and control architecture establishes the compliance foundation. Without a proper governance model of policies and controls, organizations may have a hard time overseeing, communicating, monitoring, enforcing, or responding to gap

eInnosec Difference

The compliance with regulations is a costly and time consuming. The eInnosec’s proprietary approach ensures that the costs associated with compliance commensurate with revenue and number of technology users.

The approach is designed using Forrester’s research papers, U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) guideline on sentencing in regulatory cases, and more importantly practical experience of more than 20 years by eInnosec’s Compliance Team Leaders.

Below is a description of each step and key points organizations need to consider when implementing compliance management programs.

  • Implement identified technology architecture using eInnosec’s or established security framework. Please refer to eInnosec’s Security Framework service offering for further details.
  • Document the Policy and Control Environment
  • Assign Appropriate Compliance Management Oversight
  • Ensure Compliance Through Training and Communications
  • Implement Regular Monitoring and Auditing of IT Controls
  • Enforce Control Environment Consistently
  • Prevent and Respond to Incidents and Gaps in Controls.

eInnosec services include:

  • Performing gap assessment, remediation, certification, and project management
  • Implementing national and international regulatory compliances and standards includes:
    • ISO Series- ISO 27001, ISO 9000, ISO 31000, ISO 22301, etc.
    • HIPAA
    • NIST
    • AR39
    • FIPS 140-2
    • NERC
    • PCI
    • HMG IA
    • SPF
    • SOX
    • ITIL
    • CMMI
    • GLBA