Understanding IT GRC

Archer is an integrated and collaborative enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program. With the help of GRC modules, you can manage risks, compliance, and automate end-to-end GRC process. The structured program allows you to automate processes associated with GRC, develop required database, generate reports, dashboards, etc. In short, Archer is automated program to collect, manage and process the GRC data.

The list below contains the tips for evaluating the solution:

  1. Policies followed by company and policy structure
  2. Standards, Procedures and Controls developed and implemented by corporation
  3. Understanding of business processes and technology inventory (database of devices, locations, applications, etc.)
  4. Workflows for approval of policies, standards, procedures, exceptions, risk management, etc.
  5. User administration capabilities includes SSO capabilities
  6. Current level of automation and process maturity
  7. Enterprise architecture (Company ‐ Business Units ‐ Products ‐ ..... ‐ Devices, etc.)
  8. Need for support

The understanding of above will assist in determining how Archer will help organization further, the amount of work involved, customization requirements, work efforts planning, designing project plan, etc.

eInnotech Difference

eInnotech team will help design Archer project plan, decide work efforts, customization requirements, module selection decisions, etc. once you provide the details for the above mentioned eight requirements.

The team will provide an early understanding of return on investment, best way to approach implementation, provide alternative ways to save costs, etc.

The simples tasks above could save corporation million or more over 5 year period depending on the size of the organization.